Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shopping for Charlie

A fellow needs an awful lot of stuff to start a new home, so we've been shopping for Charlie. Some of it's essential. And some it's just cute and sweet and why not!

First up, a tub to put it all in. Once Charlie arrives and unpacks, he can keep his toys in the tub.

A fellow has to have a bowl for his food and a water bowl as well. It's good to have something to put them on as well. The water bowl looks kind of  - well - odd. It has a rim around the top to stop it being overturned and to make it a little more difficult for puppies to climb into it. 

Mind you - in this heat, I'd be tempted to climb into to it too.

Toys are important. But which toy to get? Soft toys? Squeaky toys? Balls to chase? Rope toys to chew on? Toys to hide treats inside?

In the end, we decided to get all of them. A fellow can't have too many toys to play with.

Beds are important. Soft beds to snuggle into.

Or maybe nice rugs to curl up on.

And a harness and lead. Green looks pretty. I hope Charlie likes green.

We've ordered his collar and that will come in the mail any day now. It's a collar with the tag as part of the collar, rather than hanging off - because if a fellow gets to playing, then his tag can come off. This way, with his tag in the collar, Charlie will always know where he lives.

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